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Memorable Moments from Bahrain

[#appreciation, #training + teachers of #Bahrain] I got back from Bahrain the day before. It was the second time I’ve been there (did you know it’s so tiny, you can drive from one side of the country to the other in just a couple of hours?!).

I was so lucky to work closely with teachers as we unpacked metacognition and how it shows up in their Cambridge University Press  #Resources.

There were a lot of memorable moments and learning nuggets over these two days.

But perhaps the most lovely thing about this training for me was something else entirely:

It was all the hugs teachers gave at the end of the sessions.

As I am a hugger, I have found going about work as usual amidst a backdrop of atrocities taking place in the #MENA region very heavy. Meaning all their hugs were extra appreciated.

So here’s sending a special thanks to all the teachers who joined, despite busy workloads, and took the time out to learn, share and give awesome hugs during these workshops.

Aren’t teachers just the best? 🙏🏼☺️

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