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MENA Educators' Insights from Jordan

[#CambridgeMENA + #teachertraining + common threads] I’ve worked in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region for almost a decade now, and I’ve noticed many differences between each country’s teachers and the unique problems and contexts they face.

Until this past weekend though, I had never trained with teachers in Jordan in person before.

Due to the pandemic it had always been online.

And every single time I was due to visit Jordan, something serious happened that led to my visit being postponed.

For this reason, I was so grateful to finally be able to go there over this past weekend.

And there again, despite it being a totally different context in Jordan, I see common threads appear among the teachers I met.

Here are the three biggest commonalities I see (and the third one just keeps getting louder):

1: A desire to learn new ways to support students in their learning journeys. 

2: A genuine effort to maximise and constructively review every opportunity provided to train and develop. 

3: An interest in personal development, wellness and improvement. Not for learners. For teachers.

These all shone through again this past weekend in Jordan. And what a privilege to have this opportunity to meet such educators.

If you're curious, we had sessions covering how to maximise their new Cambridge University Press Education #Resources, featuring some of my personal favourites:

I'm congratulating all these teachers for their dedication to learning and growth. And I’m especially congratulating my colleague Manal Asaad on this successful event. Thank you for all your attention to detail and everything you did to make these training events run smoothly.

P.S. Speaking of Jordan - the word is out that it’s the location for the next #CambridgeSchoolsConference, to be held on 7th & 8th December. Will you be going? I’m hoping to - and it would be great to meet you there. Peek here for the details: 

📸 And about that last photo: it was my sweet treat at the end of the training days:

Pistachio and rose ice cream, and a nest full of yummyness. Bliss... before dashing to the airport.

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