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Micro-Aggressions: How Tiny Pebbles Build a Mountain of Bullying

Updated: May 3, 2023

[#defusebullying] What is a micro-aggression? When I watched this talk - I paused and hit rewind when she read out her definition, then I wrote it down:

“Micro-aggressions are common daily verbal slights, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile derogatory or negative attitudes, towards culturally marginalised groups.”

All too often, bullying isn’t one big (metaphorical) rock thrown at someone. (Although, bold bullies often start to throw huge rocks when they feel big in their boots).

But in general, bullying, especially in #schools, is an accumulation of tiny slights, sometimes so marginal you’d query whether it was worth mentioning.

But when you gather up all the tiny pebbles that have been thrown… all those teeny tiny pebbles… all those micro-aggressions… they build a bigger picture. Pebble upon pebble will eventually make a mountain.

So gather up those slights. Document them.

A single pebble isn’t worth mentioning. But a huge pile of them that block the view? Eventually someone will come along and realise what’s going on. And with hope and effort, will do something about it. 🌱

🙏🏼 Thanks to the daughter of Abrilli Phillip for prompting these thoughts out of me and helping to add a new word to the #Defusebullying toolkit: #microaggressions.

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