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Monthly Planning for Wellbeing and Productivity

[#productivity + #wellbeing🌿] So here’s the reality: I tried setting more “intuitive" personal goals for this year as compared to my usual specific ones. Result?

A whole quarter passed with very little progress on them. Hmmm.

 My #Metacognitive feedback loop was initiated. 🤓

Anyhow - my wishy washy approach also meant I skipped a couple of planning sessions that I would usually do.

So thank goodness for #friends and #community who know what the power of a good #declutter and a monthly plan can do. I am grateful they encouraged me to take some precious time over the weekend to reflect and realign. And this is me paying it forward.

My friend shared a similar sentiment to me:

I always find myself questioning the worth of doing a monthly plan. But then once I’ve done it, I always feel it was the most important thing I did all month.

Go figure. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So… Since businesses usually have monthly reports, do you, too? You are likely a revenue generating #teacher or #professional in some way, shape or form… I’m curious to know if a #monthlyplan is something you do, and how you go about it?

For me I have done all kinds of plans over the years. I've joined others’ guided planning sessions and I lead ones too for my friends and family, like today. I find it helps me #professionally and #personally. Mine usually touches base on finances and wellbeing, as well as events and the calendar.

Anyhow - whatever it takes to help you reset and realign for the month ahead, I hope you can do that this weekend and over the Spring Break.

Whether it involves planning, or not.

Enjoy April! 🌿

P.S. Pinch, punch, first day of the month.👊🏽 Yes, folks, I have resisted the temptation to post some kind of joke for April Fools. 😄

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