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Network & Learn Events in Oman

[#adventures + #cambridge] Did you know, a certain phenomenon happens at this time of year in #CambridgeMENA my colleagues and I in the Middle East & North Africa sprout wings! 🕊

Well, not really… but we do start to fly all over the region, where we have the very special privilege of bringing hundreds (in total, thousands!) of teachers and learners around the region together for meaningful events & #teachertraining. ✈️

Today is the first leg of our trip to be at the Cambridge #NetworkandLearn events happening tomorrow, in #Oman - one of my favourite places.

Have you ever been?

If not, I thought I might share some distinguishing features of #Oman you know, to prepare you for that moment when you are magically transported to the Middle East region and subsequently asked to guess where you are… At which point, having read the following, you’ll be all savvy when you answer:

1️⃣ No high rise buildings!

My taxi driver just confirmed what I had been told years ago - that there is a law in the Sultanate of Oman that protects the landscape by prohibiting buildings taller than 15 floors being built.

The result is a beautiful, vast landscape of low rise villas and buildings, nestled among mountains.

2️⃣ Only white or cream buildings

Similar to the above law, there is a law about not painting any buildings dark colours. The result is that all those low rise villas I mentioned make a beautiful white/cream contrast against the mountains and desert. It is light and lovely.

(Numbers 1 & 2 are a great visual manifestation of a leadership decision and policy. A decision that can actually be seen and changes the whole landscape of a country for all who view it.)

3️⃣ The scent of Frankincense & Bukhoor

Oman is one country with a beautiful scent! Pretty soon after being in the country, you’ll be able to pick up on the scent of frankincense or bukhoor wafting your way: when I smell this, even if I’m not in Oman, it reminds me of being there. They take great care to make Frankincense the scent of most public spaces here.

4️⃣ The colourful caps & headgear worn by Omani men

Another visually distinguishing feature of various countries in the Middle East are the caps and headgear men wear in each country.

My taxi driver tried teaching me but the Arabic words are failing me - suffice to say, Oman have a unique type of headgear different to the other countries in the Middle East and Gulf.

Have you ever visited Oman? Are you already here?! Will you be at the Network & Learn events this week? I hope to be able to say hello if so 🙋🏻‍♀️

P.S… don’t forget - the #DedicatedTeacherAwards are on! All teachers can be nominated - learners and teachers alike can nominate a teacher. Yalla!


📸 Photos: 2 types of headgear special to Oman! Generously displayed by a kind taxi driver - he had a selection on his dashboard :)

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