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Networking on LinkedIn: Tips for Job Seekers and Networkers

[Finding #jobs + making requests on LinkedIn] When I came back from a LinkedIn break after the summer, my messages were overflowing with requests to find people jobs. In fact, they still are.

One message just said: help me.

Let's talk about this. There are three things I believe:

1: I believe in the human capacity for improvement, change & growth. You can find work. So don’t give up.

2: I also strongly believe in the power of work to transform societies. It’s good that you want to find work, especially in education.

3: Finally, I also think that if you don’t ask, you won’t get. But.. there’s a lot involved in asking. Especially on LinkedIn.

Just like when teaching a class: if you don’t make instructions clear, you’ll get chaos.

And if you send random requests for help, it's counterproductive.

To this end, I'm sharing a couple of things I consider 'no no's about using this platform if you’re trying to push your services, products, or job-hunt. I welcome you to consider these.

For each 'no no' I give a 'yes yes'. :)

👀A): Sending a first message immediately requesting a meeting

Instead, establish rapport long before that. Sure, introduce what you do and maybe even what you sell, but prodding someone for a meeting, or their email address, or their phone number, right off the bat isn't ok.

👀 B) Sending unsolicited messages linking to landing pages that demand an email address

If there has been no connection before sending a message, I think it's better to work on building rapport & showing support for the person first. They presumably are your target audience anyway, so by engaging with them publicly on anything they share, you'll be supporting to their efforts, and are more likely (read: not guaranteed) to receive support and interest from them. If it's so urgent, perhaps send a note first asking whether the person is interested in the topic, and how they are placed for time.

👀 C) Writing a very long first message

While it’s nice to share and introduce yourself, keep in mind that you are asking for a lot of focus from someone who doesn’t know you yet. They have to try and skim read a long note to get a gist of what’s been written. Also, when I see long notes in intro messages, I think - AI. These days, I often find myself reading to discern whether this is a straight copy paste, generated with AI, or if it is really personally written for me.

I think sending a concise message noting something that you’ve taken the time to read up on the person is a nicer way to establish connection.

These are just three things - there are others. But let’s start here.

I know these don't immediately help you land a job or sell your product, but I think these things are important in the overall job search and how one shows up online. Would you add, change, or remove any "No no's" ?

Let’s hear ‘em. :)

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