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New series: a personal style & beauty series (and how it will boost your productivity)

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Aside from food and your phone, there are things that spend more time physically closer to every part of you more than anything or anyone else in this world:

Your clothes, your jewellery/accessories, and your skincare.

Recently, nearly everyone I have spoken to has:

- been decluttering their wardrobe

- purchased new clothes

- told me they are unsettled with some part of their wardrobe, jewellery or skincare.

If you are in any way the same, this series of articles is for you.

We'll be going on a holistic personal style & beauty journey, one that takes into account the whole of you and what you stand for.

A journey that looks at the damaging side of decluttering, and instead seeks to bring a sense of lasting peace and stability to your wardrobe and sense of style.

It's an alternative, values-centred look at personal style and beauty that will help you reflect on how the clothes you wear are tied to your sense of wellness, and ultimately, your identity.

This is one of my all-time favourite topics because it interconnects beautifully with aesthetics, identity, creativity and productivity all in one.

I believe curating an assured sense of personal style can be so beneficial to your overall well-being.


Because of all the things I have done, invested in and learned about productivity, one of the best has been to learn how to have a beautiful, functional, curated wardrobe & beauty rituals on my own terms.

It's an investment, a kind of learning & growth

Investing time to take care of this part of my life has saved me so much time, energy, and money, as well as boosting my productivity, wellness and sense of confidence.

In this series of posts, which will be published bit by bit, you’ll learn things connected to these five key parts of the journey into curating your personal style.





& Sustaining.

The following are all topics and questions I've been asked at different points recently, so I have bundled them into a journey:

1 Reconnecting:

  • How taking the time to curate your personal style, wardrobe, and skincare routine saves you time, energy and boosts your confidence

  • Why it is so important to give thought to who you are and what matters to you before attempting to declutter & rebuild your wardrobe

2 Defining:

  • How to choose your signature colours, even if you seem to like so many (and how your unique colour palette helps)

  • How to find your signature style, even if you feel you have none

  • Why you should define your core style (and how to find the four single words that resonate most with you)

3 Auditing:

  • Why decluttering is often damaging (and why to do an audit instead)

  • How to curate your wardrobe, jewellery and skincare items so that you never have to declutter again

  • How to make a call on what to do with clothes that don’t fit you right now (even if your weight is changing rapidly)

4 Rebuilding:

  • Curating and investing in clothes, jewellery and beauty that resonate with you

  • How do you differentiate between materials, quality, and price?

  • How do you know what suits you, or doesn't?

  • Why you should worry less about sales (and more about cost-per-wear)

5 Sustaining:

  • How to make the inside of you wardrobe so beautiful that you won’t want to close the doors

  • How to maintain your wardrobe and creating lasting beauty rituals that save you time, money and boost your wellbeing in unexpected ways

  • Why you should give away clothes with grace (rather than throwing them in a charity dump), and how to do this

We will dive into each of these bit by bit over the days to come, and I will share stories and tips all along the way.

For now, the beginning is a very good place to start - and when you curate your personal style, beauty, or anything - the beginning means starting with you. But how precisely do you go about that? We'll explore it in the next article.

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