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New Things I Learned about Jeddah

[#Cambridge + #SaudiArabia] Hello folks! I am in Saudi for the first time in over 3 years. Hello #Jeddah! 🙋🏻‍♀️🇸🇦 🙌🏼✨

This week, I’ll be visiting different places around this vast country. Here are some new things I learned about Jeddah:

🇸🇦I was amazed to see there is a HUGE aquarium in the airport! Whaaaat?! So you can expect to be welcomed by a range of beautiful fish upon arrival. 🐠 🐟

🇸🇦If you’re a UK/US passport holder… you can now get a visa on arrival too… visas in general are much easier to get now. So the airport is often busy. However, don’t be like me! E.g. don’t join a 30 minute queue with the pilgrims from Indonesia because they look friendly, or just follow the flow of tourists ahem. You can head to the computers placed on the left to set yours up right away… 😅

🇸🇦Jeddah apparently has the tallest fountain in the world - taller than the one in the fountain at Dubai Mall. It looks like the mast of a ship when in flow. I didn’t catch a pic of it. It also has the tallest flag/mast in the world here too!

Did you know any of this? I'll be sharing more as I learn.

Finally, I've shared before that I think an awareness of #clothes and #music are an accessible way to show consideration and respect for cultures not your own. We’ve discussed the #abaya and clothing, so let’s turn to music. For those travelling vicariously through me, we shall kick off the Saudi trip with a song. One of my favourite Saudi musicians is #AbdulMajeedAbdallah. I have a few songs that I love by him, but this one is a favourite:


Enjoy this track - and say hi to my colleague Ahmed Shalabi Abdelghaffar, as we begin a series of events around the country for #teachers using Cambridge University Press Education resources!

Yalla! (That’s “let’s go” in Arabic). 🙌🏼

P.S. Are you a teacher using our #resources in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah? If so, hope to see you at the sessions today. 🙋🏻‍♀️😄

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