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Note: your 'cherry bakewell' doesn't have to be food

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

For the record, by "cherry bakewell", I mean it as a metaphor for something you love to do that energises you, makes you feel good, happy, recharged, energised, relaxed, or simply: happy.

What's your cherry bakewell?

I am getting better at noticing things that are not food-related cherry bakewells. :)

I realised today that reading a good fictional historical novel is another of my cherry bakewells.

Getting lost in a novel relaxes me and makes me feel rested.

Part of why I'm beginning to see it as one of my cherry bakewells is that I always saw reading fiction as a luxury - something I could only afford the time to do on holiday, by the beach. I was always "too busy" to read - and avoided fiction, because I always felt I should be constantly learning something, and would focus on non-fiction self-help books.

I've since learned you're never too busy for something - you just don't value it enough. (Your actions pretty much always speak the truth.)

This is another reason why today, I raised ‘reading a good fictional historical novel’ to the rank of a cherry bakewell.

For many who ask 'must it be a food we enjoy?' - I feel this is a great example of a non-food related cherry bakewell for you. :)

You can read more about the cherry bakewell here.

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