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"Nothing works, unless you do." - Maya Angelou 💛

[#quoteoftheday💬] "Nothing works, unless you do." - Maya Angelou 💛. While you might think this quote is only about showing up and doing the work in order for effects to take place, with the weekend in sight today, I can see another perspective here:

Rest. ✨

If you aren’t feeling well, feeling comfortable in your body, heart and mind, things may not tend to work so well for you anywhere else.

In a lesson, the same is true: things don’t go so well in a lesson if a teacher - the one steering the ship - isn’t feeling well. Things can end up off-course.

#Teachers are #leaders who steer society in ways that became very obvious during the pandemic.

So… while it’s important to put in effort, show up and do the work, it’s also important to maintain yourself and your ship.

I hope you can enjoy some time to #rest this weekend. Wishing you well. ☀️

P.S. One simple way to uplift a teacher is to recognise and appreciate them 🕊. That’s why Cambridge University Press Education is inviting you to show appreciation for your teachers in the #GlobalDedicatedTeacherAwards, which are now open for 2023. Feel free to share this news with your learners and colleagues and communities - let’s appreciate all that teachers do for us:

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