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On the Road to Oman

[#ontheroad + Oman] Today I set off for Oman - one of my favourite countries. We have a training taking place there tomorrow.

And even though I travel a lot, where I can avoid taking a plane, I do. Which is why I love that you can drive to Oman.

It’s about 5 hours away from Dubai, and I’m writing to you from the Hatta border check post before I lose data as I drive onwards into Oman where the network will change.

And I share a happy discovery since my last journey here by road:

You don’t need to pay for a visa if it’s a visit under two weeks🙂

Aside from that, other reasons I love Oman are the mountainous landscapes and the cheerful people. Just the ticket.

Have you ever driven to oman before? Might you in future? It’s a very enjoyable car journey for me. 🙌


1-mountains 🤍

2-The various things you need to get into Oman - an exit ticket for the UAE, a stamp for Oman

3-The roof of the border crossing building was so beautiful.

4-The new sign they’ve put up as you leave Dubai:

‘Travel with peace’.


Onward, in that way. 🚗

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