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Race and Culture: A Poem about Black History

[#heritage & culture] Each day this week, I’m sharing a film, a book, a singer, a poem, and finally, a thought that’s helped expand my understanding about race and culture. For today, here’s the poem, shared in the video. I enjoyed this piece of spoken poetry by Suli Breaks: I’m not sure about the title, but to me it’s titled: “We know about the trauma. But what about the glory?”. I found it educational, mind-opening, and captivating all at once.

It also made me think of something relating to when and how you spotlight the positive and the negative:

I was once called out for not mentioning the negative parts of a topic I was speaking on. I explained: it’s not that I was neglecting the negative - but I think it’s important to honour the good where you see it too. So when it comes to thinking about black history - this poem resonated. It’s not just about the trauma - it’s also about the glory.

Do you have a moving poem or story that stayed with you once you’d read or heard it? I would love to know, and welcome you to share.

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