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Race and Culture: Part 2

[Learning about #race & #culture #2/5] Each day this week, I’m sharing a film, a book, a singer, a poem, and finally, a thought that’s helped expand my understanding about race and culture. For today, here’s the film recommendation:

🎥 Film:

Green Book

I am not a big film watcher even at the best of times. But this story, and all the feelings and moments it captures, nurtured a lot of empathy in me for the main characters and what they go through respectively. This is set in the 1960s, so it has a vintage feel which I enjoyed visually.

Without going on and creating spoilers, my favourite moment is the scene where Tony Vallelonga is asked to shorten his complicated sounding name, and he flat out refuses. If you have ever struggled with owning your name and having people pronounce it right, watch this bit a few times. Then you can emulate Vallelonga next time it happens to you. 😎

Note that there were several things in this film that made me flinch, surprised, and unsettled. I don’t watch films often, so I read up about it afterwards and found I wasn’t the only one: it had a lot of controversy around the storyline and depiction of racism, in addition to the family of the pianist who pushed back on the way his character was presented.

In any case - it was a memorable film, I learned a bunch, and I’d love to chat about it with anyone who also watched it (or will do).

Tomorrow, look out for the singer recommendation.

P.S. I’m #ontheroad this week, in Qatar working with teachers here! It’s the first time I’ve visited. A little roundup will follow - stay tuned.

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