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Race and Culture: Part 5

[#heritage, race & culture #5/5] For today's final five of five posts in this little series, here’s the song: Stand By Me, covered by Arqam Al Abri. I know things are heavy in the Middle East now, but this song in both melody and lyrics offered such lightness to me, I wanted to go ahead and share it.

If you watch the video in full, you’ll see this is recorded in Al Ain - one of the Emirates in the UAE, known for its lush greenery. It is known as the oasis Emirate, and has hot springs and a mountainous landscape.

🎶 Arqam Al Abri is one of the first black Emirati soul singers I have come across. He made my day with his rendition of the hit song, ’Stand by me’. I feel this has all the right vibes for a Friday afternoon.

Enjoy this track, and have a good weekend ahead.

#sharingiscaring: Do you have a favourite uplifting, happy song that just puts you in a great mood? Let’s hear it. :)

P.S. I also associate Al Ain with somewhat perilous #roundabouts, which it has in abundance. Anyone else? 😬

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