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Special Occasions This Ramadan

[#positivity] ✨ It’s so unusual this year to have lots of special occasions fall around the same time as Ramadan. There is Nowroz, a Hindu fast, and Easter coming up fast, all while Spring is upon us. Here are some things these traditions and seasons have prompted me to reflect on:

1️⃣ #Nowroz always signifies to me it’s time for a declutter or stock take.

I love this time of year.

Nowroz marks the start of spring for many, especially celebrated across Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan.

I first learned of it through #Uyghurs I met in China when I was studying there, and later found some #Pashtuns & other tribes in some parts of Pakistan also celebrate it.

2️⃣ In #Pashto, the word for Spring is ‘Pasarlay’ (depending on accent). I think this word has such a lovely, carefree note to it compared to some other sounds in the language. :)

3️⃣ Given that #spring, Nowroz, Ramadan, a Hindu fast, as well as Easter falls around these next weeks, I am sending so many #goodwishes to everyone but especially all the #teachers who celebrate or observe these traditions across #CambridgeMENA and all around the world.

The month ahead is a special one for so many, but also a tough one for those fasting - #IYKYK! So I don’t just wish you happiness (but of course lots of it, always), I also wish you even more #stamina, #perseverance, #resilience and #discipline than usual to go about your business & life these next few weeks.

Happy ramadan! 💪😎✨

📸 Photo: Wearing a #doppa (a traditional #Uyghur hat). It's significant for this post because it was a gift from a #Uyghur friend, given to me when I was celebrating Nowroz one year when I studied and lived in China. Nowroz is one time everyone would come together - song, dance, and cheer. I think it is such a nice note to start this lunar month with.

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