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Reflecting on Uncle Len's Legacy

[#positivity + #UncleLen] This past month we celebrated #women. And earlier in the month I shared a post about a #legendarylady who inspires me. But as the month wraps up celebrating women, I feel it would be remiss not to also mention a #marvelousman, who was an uplifting figure in my life and so many others' too.

So since we haven’t heard from him in a while, I felt it was high time he makes a reappearance:

Let’s welcome back #UncleLen AKA Grandad to the centre stage, folks.

💭I have been reflecting on the legacy he left, especially this month.

I collected together an assortment of things he would say often.

Some are from emails he wrote, others were things I just had in my memory.

Reading through these felt like I just had a conversation with him again.

Here are his catchphrases - have a read and let me know any themes you notice:

✨'If you don’t use it you’ll lose it'

✨'Don’t let them get you down'

✨'Nothing succeeds like success'

✨'Home, James - and don’t spare the horses'

✨'Keep smiling'

✨'Keep feathers trim'

✨'Have a good 7 hrs’ (sleep)

✨'Make sure you’re B.E.A.B.T. for tomorrow' (bright eyed and bushy tailed)

✨'Keep smiling think of England'

✨'Will you be my sherpa attending today?'

✨'I know you would like to join me for coffee - but get in the queue' 😂

✨'Sniffles are sent to remind us we are human'

✨'Be brave'

✨'My feathers are trim - let’s fly Sunny'

✨(After fixing something) - 'I'm a boy scout, you see'

✨'It is written.'

This post helps remind me that all the words and actions we say and do repeatedly in life are what we will be known and remembered by.

If you knew him, I wonder if you remember him saying any of these things? Maybe something else? I'd love to know. 🙂

P.S. The ‘get in the queue’ one made me laugh out loud - what’s life without a bit of humour? I miss this banter!

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