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Remote Work and Family Time in DIK

[#remotework + #CUPA + #beingschoolbased?] What does it mean to just “be there” for someone?

Quite a lot, in almost every instance. Especially when it comes to family.

Last week I worked remotely from, #DeraIsmailKhan in #Pakistan while ‘being there’ for family. I also handled some errands (one of which involved an incorrect ID card that was making me feel altogether a little conspicuous at passport control👀. It is now sorted.✅).

I am grateful that my work with Cambridge University Press & Assessment (CUPA) has structured support in place for working remotely.

For me, is not a small thing that as long as it is all in alignment with the needs of our work, we can work remotely for up to 30 days in a year. This policy is a huge help, particularly as I have family all over the place.

The pandemic certainly brought home how we really cannot underestimate the power of simply “being there”. Good for wholesome #wellbeing 🌱

For that reason, I am grateful that last week involved a lot of nourishing moments around my work.


🏏 informal cricket matches with my cousins barefoot on the grass after the heat cooled off.

☕️ cups of milk tea in lieu of my regular ‘watercooler' moments.

🫓Having a home cooked paratha and egg, made by grandma each day for brekkie (photo 2)

💅 Having my nails painted by little cousins. (photo 3)

All this to say, I was glad I could be there for family but also, I felt grateful they were also there for me.

Which brings me back to the theme of this post: #remotework.

In fact, it was about 5 years ago when I realised that being able to work flexibly was one of the reasons I wouldn’t be able to teach 100% full time in a school. I had attempted it, struggled, and eventually came to the conclusion I’d need to take a career pivot within education to ensure I could work more flexibly.

💬💭If you are a teacher or trainer, how do you feel about working remotely or flexibly? Now that schools out and you’re (hopefully) enjoying your summer holiday, I’m curious to know.

Do you prefer flexible work or the term times and the holiday schedule that come along with working in schools? I have friends who enjoy the former and the latter both. How about you? I’d love to know.

P.S. On the same topic, if you’re interested in expanding your skillset and making a move into professional learning and development, applications are still open to become a trainer! We have a train the trainer programme coming up in Dubai in November and would love to welcome you on the cohort. You can apply here:


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