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Reposting My Colleague’s Post

[#Repost + #CambridgeMENA + a #guessinggame] Super teachers, at a super event, with a super colleague last week in #SaudiArabia, #Riyadh. Go go Ahmed Shalabi Abdelghaffar + Dome International Schools - incl. diana Oglah & Mustafa Zahran 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Let play a tiny game:

Can anyone guess the object that the super generous EVA KOT so kindly gifted me? 👀✨🤔

Here are some clues:

💭It is small

💭It makes a noise

💭It looks quite vintage

💭It’s something a facilitator would be delighted with and would treasure (I do!)

💭It is an object that was used in my primary school during playtime

💭think: call for attention

Any guesses? Ahmed Shalabi Abdelghaffar - shhhh don’t say right away! 🤣🤐


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