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Serenity in Chitral: Embracing Rest

[#wellbeing + #rest] A friend recently told me they feel tired just hearing about the amount of travel I’ve done recently. I feel the same! I don’t find travel easy. And after weeks of back to back travel, to all kinds of places, for all kinds of reasons, here I am: enjoying the one block of time I booked solely to rest and recharge, in #Chitral.

The irony is not lost that it took another 8 hours to travel up here from Islamabad by road. Chitral is a place in rural #NorthernPakistan, and I’m nestled in Ayun valley this week. I’ve been mostly barefoot in the gardens since I arrived and I love it. It feels like home.

So this is just a note to share that I'll look forward to connecting with you when I return next week. For now - it’s time for me (and this #learningoutloud journey on LinkedIn) to take a little rest.

And what better way to begin said rest, than by taking the advice of Winnie the Pooh:

“Let’s start by taking a nap or two…”

(I admit, I’ve already had a couple)... May you also enjoy your summer naps and rest days, if you have or need any. Enjoy!

P.S. Recently, after a lot of deliberation, I set my #Instagram account to public for the first time. With my concerns about privacy and social media in general this step is a perplexing one, which I continue to work through. We’ll see how this goes. For now, I am occasionally posting over there, too, especially about these beautiful days in Chitral. If you’d like to, you can find me under the handle: @sumbalosophy. 🙌

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