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Strategies for Enhancing Wellbeing in Teaching Workshops

[#teaching, learning & #wellbeing] Let’s talk about feeeeeelings! They are a most important ingredient affecting motivation and inspiration for learning. The way that learners and participants feel in your session can be the difference between them achieving the Learning Objective… or not.

Today I’m reflecting on the first in person workshop I’ve done of this new year helping teachers prepare to use their Cambridge University Press Education #resources. There were some things that stood out relating to ‘feelings’ and energy that I want to share. I did these at various points to help manage energy and nurture positive feelings in session:

🌿☝🏽: Guided everyone to take a collective breath. We held the breath at the top. Then released.

I did a second round of breathing time asking participants to consider the question I’d asked. I think it’s nice to occasionally do this between tasks or preceding a new set of instructions. It’s good for breaking the flow and giving you space to think about how to phrase your instructions for the next part of your class.

🌿✌️: Gave a choice of varied social interaction options.

By minute 45, we had done a few activities already involving lots of talking and sharing, so I suggested everyone choose if they want to do the next activity solo, as a pair, or in a group.

Energy management affects feelings, and some tasks can be more draining for some personality types. Besides, even your most bubbly student is going to have a day where they may need to do a solo task so it’s nice to let them choose if at all possible.

🌿3️⃣: Had a ‘downtime’ 2 minutes where I asked everyone to tell each other how they’re feeling.

Yes, that simple... I said: tell your colleague how you’re feeling at this point? We did this towards the last quarter. It meant that people were talking about the way the activities and things in the workshop had made them feel. It is also a nice feedback opportunity for a facilitator. I did this in between a transition from one segment of the session to another, and it gave me time to reflect on how I was feeling too.

I know… the above isn’t rocket science or brand new information. But sometimes, like I found today, doing these very simple things can make all the difference to a participant or learner feeling deflated or inspired by the end of our lessons or workshops. It also gives you time to regulate your own energy too.

🌱#overtoyou: Do you ever talk about feelings in the middle of your lessons!? I’d love to know and welcome you to share.

P.S. Grateful for the fun photos from #QueenInternationalSchool, #Dubai, and for all the ways this group of dedicated teachers showed up and learned with me today. Thank you!

Disclaimer on pic 4: I promise you that though my expression looks pained, we were having a hoot of a time with air wi-fives and arm stretches.🤣

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