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Tea, Travel and Tranquility

[#wellbeing  + #travel] Somebody called me a jetsetter recently. I raised an eyebrow, eyes wide and said: “Noooo!”

Contrary to how it may seem, I am actually not a fan of travel at all: especially not quick trips.

For me, I don’t travel for fun as such - but I will travel readily, far and wide, for two reasons:

1: My loved ones.❤️

2: My work.👩🏻‍🏫

Since I don’t much enjoy travel, I need to do all kinds of things to help peel me away from home base.

In doing so, I learned this one tiny hack, which I share here as a note to self of sorts.

I learned this from my #AuntySue:

💡 Take a few of your favourite teabags with you.💡

And then… if you like milk in your tea:

💡See if your hotel can give you a cup of milk once you’re settled in.💡

(Because… I don’t like powdered milk with my cuppa English Breakfast!).

Note: room service might ask to verify your request a few times because it’s not on the menu. “Yes, just a cup full of plain milk. Really!”. It may even be that the request for a bit of cold milk is an odd enough anomaly that they won’t charge you for it. 😄


It is these small, familiar comforts, that help keep me grounded when I need to whirl into travel mode.

💬Do you have any tiny travel hacks or ideas that make the process more comfortable, productive, or efficient? I’d love to know, and welcome your ideas.🙋🏻‍♀️

Keep smiling.☀️

P.S. P.S. I’m in #Bahrain now for the next #Cambridge #NetworkandLearn event, and sad to say that I forgot my teabags this trip. Oops! Next time, I’ll pack them - #inshalla. 😁

📸 Pics: #Muscat Airport ➡️ en route to #Bahrain.✈️ 

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