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Teacher's Toolkit for Productive Writing

[#productivity] (Part 1: #tools) Well, #teachers & good folks... Every time I meet someone who follows me on LinkedIn recently I am asked: how are you writing and posting so much?

Since this hasn’t held me back from my work (in fact, the opposite), it may seem a bit mind boggling.

As this has become an FAQ, I share some things I do, starting with #Tools that I find helpful.

As always, anything you want to know more about, feel free to let me know:

1: #Evernote for catching ideas

The premium version syncs across devices. I often start writing an idea on my phone if I find a few minutes here or there, and pick it up on my laptop a bit later. This post is a case in point.

2: #Evernote for #recording voice notes.

See next point.

I speak an idea and it converts to writing, or I upload a note I recorded in Evernote and it converts to text.

4: #LinkedIn’s Post Scheduler Tool

(!!!!!!!!!) SO GOOD. Total game changer. I am not on LinkedIn every time you see a post published. Read last sentence again! 👀

Most are scheduled, then I log on when I catch a minute here or there to respond to messages. I treat it a bit like responding to WhatsApp messages now so that I am timely with responses as much as possible.

5: #Discipline: Time Blocks

I write or organise posts outside my 'on hours' or in cracks of free time, weekends, eeeearly mornings, late evenings etc.

I timed myself for this post. It took me 15-20 minutes - partially written in my parked car after a meeting & being asked the 'how do you write so much' question again, partially on a small break between meetings.

I think when you become skilled in a combination of different tools, systems and mindsets, you become very productive.

Above are just some ways - there are lots more systems, ideas, and productivity hacks I use that I am sure help contribute to how I’m able to show up on LinkedIn these days.

But here I am - an open book. I’m committed to paying forward what I’ve been lucky enough to learn, the way others have helped me generously along my way. Send a note however you’re comfortable to me for any questions.

Sending good wishes for your sustained productivity! 🤓

Back to work now. ☺️

P.S. I’d love to know what tools or hacks you use to get your writing and content out. As always, I welcome you to share. My posts are now reaching about ~10,000+ views a week consistently, and on the rise. I don't know if that's good reach or not. I am still learning LinkedIn. It’s likely that sharing your helpful ideas will add value and reach someone quietly reading this who needs to hear from your unique voice.

Note that I monitor my comment box carefully to make sure it’s safe and welcoming. I love to hear from you and am thrilled when people join in and geek out on all this with me.

Stay tuned for next parts. I wrote so many more, but there’s a word count cap on LinkedIn posts. Heh.

Over and out, folks.

Sumbella 🙋🏻‍♀️

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