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Teacher's Toolkit for Productive Writing - 2

[#productivity🤓] (Part 2: #skills) Well, #teachers & good folks - we were in the middle of discussing my top FAQ of recent weeks: “How are you writing so much on LinkedIn?”, when we were interrupted by LinkedIn’s character limit. 

So picking back up on this, here is another little bunch of things that help, with a focus on #skills:

1️⃣ Skill #1: #Writing

I have always been writing- all sorts of things, since I was very young. 

I never stopped… I just never shared a lot of it. 

I was like a squirrel hoarding nuts. If my writing was cashew nuts, which I would gladly hoard, I’d have enough to start a cashew nut company.

But I digress. 

Over many years, I actively worked on my writing and slowly became fast at this skill.

2️⃣ Skill #2: #Editing

Quite a while back, I learned the difference between editing and writing. 

Two completely different skills requiring different types of energy. 

It is a bit like skiing: to go fast and efficiently, you need to push into one ski or the other but never both at the same time. 

Now, I either write or edit, but not both at once or mid-writing. 

This post is a good case: I wrote most of it yesterday. Fleshed it out & made some edits today, mostly from my phone. 

3️⃣ Skill #3#TouchTyping

A productive typing speed for most is apparently between 60-70 words per minute. 

On a good day I’m close to 80, but recently I seem to have slipped to 70 (I stopped practicing). 

It is a skill and it needs some attention. 

Re-learning how to type was a big game changer for my productivity. 

I have no evidence for this, but I think over time it helps save an accumulation of nano seconds every time I type something more quickly, which quietly gives me more time back… 

I can write emails quite quickly, type things that are said during meetings by touch typing, and compile my thoughts quickly into text. 

It’s a neat skill to get good at. 

I sometimes test my typing speed here: 

🔗10 Fast Fingers -

I test and practiced my typing using Typing Academy over several weeks:

(If you do the test here, turn the sound on to hear old school typewriter sounds during your test 😍)

I might go so far as to say that relearning how to type is one of the best things I’ve done for my productivity at work. 

Alas, we are fast becoming capped once again by a word limit… so let’s stop here. 

#Overtoyou: care to share your typing speed? Did you ever learn to type formally? I was surprised how bad I was at navigating my keyboard when I was inspired to relearn.

P.S. Hat tip to Ali Abdaal for all the productivity hacks about typing - I enjoy learning from his videos. I am still mind boggled at his insane typing speeds. 

And a second hat tip to those kind souls who have been #reading my writing for several years. Some of you reading this know who you are. I still cringe at how I used to write years ago and appreciate that you are still here. 💛

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