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Teacher's Toolkit for Productive Writing - 3

[#Productivity] (Part 3: #Support) Let’s continue diving into the recent FAQ: ‘how are you writing so much?!’.

So far we’ve covered:



Today, I share some details about:


I think #Support is vital to productivity. Here are 3 types of support that I have found helpful:

💡Support Type #1️⃣: Role models

For a very long time I quietly followed some brave people on LinkedIn whose writing and ethos I resonated with.

By engaging with them and absorbing their ideas, I began to learn that I could do it too.

When I did start to post, they began to share, support and engage with my work.

This was so supportive and motivating. I have since met some of them, and found they experienced a lot of what I had too.

Bravery is contagious:

✨Role models propel productivity.✨

💡Support Type #2️⃣: Cheerleaders

In sharing my writing, I found that I had far more friends, family and colleagues than I could ever have imagined come out to reconnect and cheer me on.

Whether publicly or privately, and sometimes invisibly (energy speaks!), I found support… and I began to have those colleagues, friends, family and #teachers ask me questions and engage in deep conversations.

Knowing there is even just one #teacher who cares to read about my experiences and ideas is the best source of encouragement to get productive.

It’s like seeing your family at the end of a race: it gives you the boost you need to keep going.

✨Cheerleaders propel productivity.✨

💡Support Type #3️⃣: Feedback (AfL 🤓)

The cheerleaders I mentioned above are often eager to share detailed feedback on what they are finding most useful or interesting.

The questions they ask me are the best type of feedback, and they provide lots of ideas for writing.

This makes me more productive, because I know what to focus on and what they want to learn or hear about. I’m not hesitating about what to share.

If you’re open to receiving it, feedback is one of the most supportive and valuable things someone can give you to boost your productivity.

In teacher talk, we might also call this AfL - Assessment for Learning. It’s just the kind of info that teachers and learners want to know: what’s working, and what to do more/less of.

Feedback contributes to your productivity, as you don’t get so caught up with metrics: rather you are able to recognise what is helpful, and to get on with doing more of it.

✨Feedback propels productivity.✨

💭Which of the 3 types of support propels your productivity?

I am hitting a limit here: so I’ll wrap this up for now. 😍🤓

P.S. I wrote this the day before, edited from my phone, and posted it from my car before a meeting. Doing what I can with what I have from where I am. My car, #TimDickens says hi. 🙋🏻‍♀️🚗

📸My friend, who was likely giving me some kind of feedback on recent shenanigans. Close your eyes and laugh if you must, whatever it takes to hear the feedback!

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