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Teacher's Toolkit for Productive Writing - 4

[#productivity🤓] (Part 4: #Mindset) We are in the middle of answering the FAQ: "How are you writing/posting so much on LinkedIn"?

I shared lots of info these past posts that cover things I've been doing, including:

✅ Tools

✅ Skills

✅ Support

Today I share a less tangible thing that’s helping me write and post more:

➡️ Energy


Managing negative energy.

I’ve been in a game where I need to constantly redirect negative energy balls.💥

And there is a voice in my mind whose name is fear.

It is a negative energy ball creator.

Like one of those baseball machines that constantly propels balls out at you.

If I don’t keep catching them properly, or whacking them away, and throwing them off, they will whack me down.

They have done for years.

There’s no quick way I’ve found to defuse the unceasing machine that sends these out.

I still find posting my thoughts about teaching, learning and working on here scary.

I am still nervous about being seen.

I still feel anxious.

"What will people say?”

"What will my family say?"

"What will my colleagues say?"

They all run through my mind all the time.

But all of them, too, are negative energy balls.

And I am learning to get better at catching them when they are thrown at me.

And instead.

To throw them behind me.

So, I am really curious: do you think fear or negative energy or thoughts affect your productivity for tasks like working in public or doing anything creative?

How can we help #learners overcome this, when we see it happening to them too in our #classrooms? Visualisations, positive quotes, and mantras are some of mine, but there must be more strategies. 💡

📸 Photo: Oh you know. Just casually throwing another negative energy ball away.

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