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The Impact of Examples in Facilitation

[#facilitation, #teaching + the power of examples] I talked in yesterday’s post about how I’ve been trying out seating arrangements in my training.

Some of you joined in to share how vital it is to the dynamic and energy in the room.

However, I realised in my training yesterday that the group was initially confused about how to arrange the tables.

Some just went to the area and sat right down without shuffling anything.

This led to a bit of chaos for a moment or two.

And I had to redo the instruction mid-way.

So today, I tried this:

1: I physically begun moving 1-2 tables to show that I wanted them moved. 

2: I indicated the specific areas of the room where we needed to fill with tables.

3: I asked everyone to be mindful in how they move the desks in terms of how it may affect other groups.

Today, I think this helped this group of 40 teachers move the tables into the neatest, most comfortable seating arrangement in the shortest time I’ve ever seen.

Which we duly celebrated. Wahooo!

Key learnings:

In this instance, I feel the key was in physically showing how I wanted them to move the tables. It helped them see that I wanted them to move the desks, not just sit in the area without moving anything. This small addition to the instruction was important.

Similarly, a while ago, I thought I had given very clear instructions about a task. But someone still told me: "Please can you take a video and show me how you want me to do this?”.

It's not always obvious for everyone, the plan you see in your head.

Key intention:

With this in mind, a subsequent intention I’m setting is this:

I’m going to make an effort to show more examples of what I want to see, no matter how simple I think the task is.

In fact, especially if I think it’s simple.

📸 Photos: Some moments from today’s training in Cairo for St Fatima's orientation training for their Cambridge University Press Education Primary Math, Science & English #Resources. This completes #Day 3 of 4 training days. Sending a special thanks to the Primary teaching team at St.Fatima School - Nasr City, who were so engaged, considerate and generous in the way they shared their ideas with me and with each other throughout. And of course, Ms Mai, for all the help coordinating. So good. Thanks to Tabinda Mazhar for the support & presence. #grateful.

Onward we go - to Giza tomorrow. It will be my first time going there. Yalla ☺️🙌

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