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The Magic of Encouragement in Learning

[#teaching + #learning ✨] I am learning a new skill. And being a beginner is hard. I feel I look silly a lot of the time.

Frustrated at one point, I asked why I wasn’t able to “do the thing”.

One teacher said: “it’s fine, nothing major, you’re still a beginner, try again.”

(I told them I still felt unsure. Same reply. Frustrated. But carried on.)

Another teacher observed my attempt then said: move these specific parts ever so slightly, this way. (Demonstrating). You’re not quite holding them right yet. Now try again. That’s it!

Both tried to motivate me.

In some cases the first is fine. I recognise that.

But there is so much in what the second teacher did that sparked and renewed my motivation to carry on:

💭The fact they observed what I was doing.

💭The fact they gave a detailed, practical tip to implement.

💭And that final, enthusiastic, “That’s it”, said with excitement. And joy.

Two different teachers.

Two separate moments in my learning journey.

One deflated me.

The other made my eyes sparkle.

As if I needed reminding:

Teachers = Powerful.


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