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The Power of Authenticity and Belonging

[#quoteoftheday💬] “Belonging should never require that you reshape yourself into someone else entirely.” AmyAnn Cadwell

💭#thinkwithme: this quote make me think of how important it is for #teachers and #students alike to feel comfortable in schools and workplaces, and even to feel comfortable with the way you #teach.

It also reminds me of something I learned in a training about collaborative conversations and belonging that I attended with @CambridgeUniversityPressandAssessment this week about the importance of #authenticity and #belonging.

We must never feel we have to reshape our authentic self entirely, or to squash down our core beliefs at the mercy of fitting somewhere.

How do you know if you’re being forcefully reshaped? If you’re not feeling included? Many signs, usually felt strongly inside, often witnessed by others. Being left out and excluded often makes a #student feel like what many of these words conjure up:





⚡️Being singled out

⚡️Coldness (of energy)



On the other hand, belonging often feels like these words:







✨Warmth (of energy)



Exclusion is heavy, and can be dangerous. 😞

Belonging is light and freeing. ☀️

So find the light and keep it close.💛

Here is one big tip I picked up on that session about helping a collaborative conversation take place:

💡You don’t need to have a coaching conversation in an office - it sometimes helps to have one while walking, if the environment allows. I always remember Steven Covey in the classic, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People” sharing that some of the deepest conversations he had were when driving or doing some other physical task alongside the person he was discussing things with.

Would you add any words to describe exclusion or belonging? How do you instil a sense of belonging in your #classrooms with your #learners?

🎶Accompanying soundtrack: Hans Johnson - Masaai

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