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The Power of Good Onboarding

[#training + good/bad onboarding] I’ve been in Amman, Jordan for work this past weekend. And while I normally share some learnings that stem from a training I’ve been delivering, this time I received some excellent training myself.

I stayed in the same venue where we were holding a 2-day training for teachers using Cambridge resources.

When I got there, I was met by a staff member who saw me up to the room with my luggage.

As I looked around, a little fatigued, I was thinking: wow - what a room - but hmm now I need to figure out where all the lights and other shtuff is.

As I thought that, he queried whether I would like him to go through the various basics of the room.

Never one to decline an onboarding, I promptly agreed.

And so it went.

With great professionalism, he proceeded to point out several things, which, if he had not, I likely would have been very frustrated about.

He pointed out:

How to get the wifi on.

How the curtains work.

Where the switches are.

How to control the temperature.

And, pulling out a drawer, he noted:

“This one will be veeeery important for you.”

I peered inside the drawer and chuckled.

It was the hairdryer.

I found out this is what they do as a standard for all guests. I was impressed. I can’t really remember the last time I had such a good onboarding for all the little details at a new place.

It made my transition to Jordan very seamless.

And it made me appreciate the value of a good welcome and a well considered onboarding. If you’re welcoming anyone new on board, it’s nice to think about the details of their comfort and journey with you. Like meeting them when they arrive, sharing tips about what to eat, where to go. I was so grateful that in addition to this hotel experience(it was the #Rotana), I had a friend and so many teachers who took great trouble to share suggestions and ideas for a good experience in Jordan and even showed me around.

What is common is to be left to figure things out on your lonesome. Alas, let’s continue to focus on the positive. So for a fun example of bad hotel onboarding (and the hilarious consequences this entails), here’s Michael McIntyre bringing it home. It’s a 3 minute watch and offered me a good chuckle.


“Hotel problems” - comedy skit by Michael McIntyre:

📸: photo 1 - view from the room I was lucky to be in, and photo 2 - my #ontheroad desk setup. I balance my laptop on tissue boxes a lot.

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