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The Power of Language in Teaching and Learning

[#teaching + #language] Well, #teachers, I’m here thinking about the power of language today. Today I talked with teachers about the differences between ways of talking about skills…

✏️ I write / I’m a writer!

🧮 I do Math / I'm a mathematician!

🧪 I do Science / I'm a Scientist!

Exclamation marks aside, here are three reasons why research and authors (think: Jonah Berger, James Clear), say that using nouns - identity words - can be helpful when it comes to building good habits and learning skills.

For example, here’s why saying ‘I’m a writer’ has a very different effect on the way it feels and sounds, as compared with ‘I write’:

💡It makes traits more stable & persistent

💡It makes you more likely to take action

💡It gives you a sense of authority and identity

✨In short:

Identities are powerful. They give you a different perspective and change your approach to the habit or task you’re trying to become proficient in.

⚠️This comes with a caveat… when you use a negative identity, like ‘cheater’, or ‘bully’, or ’thief’, it can have a detrimental effect on someone, especially children and young learners.💥

🙋🏻‍♀️ Today in Day #2️⃣ of Stirling Schools’ training programme, we did an opener segment around this idea, thinking about the power of language in helping nurture young #Scientists and #Mathematicians. This is especially pertinent when teaching using activities from the Cambridge University Press Education #resources and how the Thinking and Working Mathematically and Scientifically strands feature in the new Cambridge Primary & Lower Secondary series.

All in all, I learned a lot - mostly because of all the goodness shared by the teachers who joined. Thank you, Mohammed Salm Karim, Sercan Oz, and the whole teaching team - a super smooth day for your Math and Science #resources, held alongside your #CambridgeEnglish sessions. 🤝

📸 Sharing two of my favourite comments from today's session. Beautiful. Thank you - Sercan & Havva!

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