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The Radiance of Intentions as a Guiding Light

[#wellbeing✨] Here is a small story I return to often, perfect for some contemplation on a Friday…

A person once asked for a talisman for protection from anything bad or evil.

A reply came:

"You want to be protected against evil? Listen carefully. Your best talisman is this:

💫Cause harm to no-one.

💫Speak ill of no-one.

💫Form no evil intentions towards anyone."

That's it.

Now, for all the #teachers experiencing #subtlebullying out there: you may be wondering… how on earth do you or your students call out bad behaviour without speaking ill of someone, causing harm, or making it seem like you have bad intentions towards them?

You take the advice above. In practical terms:

🕊Place precise focus on the specific negative actions, never personal traits. Simply: no name-calling.

🕊Mention names only if put in a position where you are absolutely required to do so, for your safety or otherwise - even then, focus on negative actions and not personal traits.

🕊Ensure that your intention is sincerely for their growth, healing, and benefit, no matter what.

When we truly have these intentions for everyone around us...

When our actions are inspired by good intentions, especially ones to improve and heal...

And when we are brave enough to take action on those intentions...

We find ourselves protected.

In the most miraculous ways.

And on that note: #happyfriday & #jumamubarak to those observing ✨🕌

P.S. In many spiritual traditions, and in the Islamic faith specifically, intentions can be considered as weighty as actions, and are judged as such.

Source/credits: I wrote this story adapted from a talk by Butch Ware, an academic in America, who shared it as one he learned from Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba.

📸: California - Lake Tahoe, Dec '22. 💙

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