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The Sound of Success: How Music Enhances Teaching and Facilitation

[#songoftheday🎧] Hans Johnson - A Boy & His Dreams 🎵 Music can be a powerful way to support learning and focus. As a #facilitator, I like using music occasionally to accompany certain activities. When I'm working, I love listening to music in soundproof headphones for added #focus.

🔗 Link to song:

💭In addition to those uses above, this song takes me to my visits to Africa, reminds me of my time spent in Uganda, in South Africa, and the cheerful nature of nearly every single person I came across in those places, no matter ‘who’ they were.

I was always met with warmth. ☀️💛

This song also reminds me of the inspirational story of William Kamkwamba, "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" - an incredible true story to read, absorb and share/watch with your #students ASAP, if they haven’t come across him already. There's a film version, too.

I listen to this and remember that we can do so much good, using what we have, where we are. 🌱

Happy Tuesday - enjoy. ✨🎶

P.S. If you have any favourite songs for quiet work vs group work etc., I'd love to know! I want to build a little list of background music to accompany various #teaching / #facilitation activities. I have my running ones fairly sorted out, but facilitation playlists are still works in progress. :)

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