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The Value of Competition: Insights from the Race

[#business + #competition] The photo in this post is from a race from last December. I was hugging my competition, this total pro of a runner. She ran like the wind. 🤩 She made me think of competition, and why it's so important. So I share here why I think having competition is so good (even though, all too often, it seems bad).

Remember the hare who lost the race? The hare lost because he got complacent. He thought he didn’t have competition. Or possibly, that he gravely underestimated his competition.

Here’s why I think the hare’s attitude is pretty dangerous:

It’s because I think competition is quite a good thing. I think we should seek it and respect it, and even (not always) keep [half an] eye on it:

1️⃣ competition pushes you to continuously improve

2️⃣ it can help show you your weaknesses

3️⃣ it shows that there is a demand for your services or what you offer

Competition, especially in business, often helps.

For me, it’s the third point that makes it so useful: it shows there is a market + demand.

💬#overtoyou: What do you think? How do you feel about competition?

💭I think this relates to #training #education, #learning, #selfdevelopment and of course, #business.

📸 Especially in running, competition is a total must for any good race.

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