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“There are some things money can’t buy.”

[#quoteoftheday💬] “There are some things money can’t buy: like morals, manners, and integrity.”

💭#Thinkwithme: These are three big words. And they take effort. Here is a story of when I witnessed integrity in action recently:

My #Pashtun grandma, despite her arthritis, her aches, her pains in her feet and legs, was the last to finish dancing at a wedding.

She danced with a special kind of passion and joy and love. She was remarkable.

I, too, danced until my feet hurt, and then slept but even then, I think she was *still* dancing!

I found out later, she was the last to go to sleep that night.

The next morning, I stumbled awake, and blurry eyed at 4:30am on my way to seize a bathroom and wash my face, I bumped into my grandma, who was wide awake and swiftly getting things done around the house.

I was so confused: hadn’t she danced for longer than I did? And where on earth did she sleep that night?

Later, when we were reminiscing on this moment, I asked her about this.

She said she slept last so that she could make sure every guest had a bed.

She said she got up first to make sure all the guests had access to the things they’d need in the bathrooms in the morning.

Finally she said, “if I didn’t dance hard, who would have danced?!”

And from these tiny (huge) actions, I found out she had it all - reliability, strength, and most importantly: integrity.

These are priceless character traits of a teacher & leader.

No amount of money taught her this.

She did not go to school and cannot read or write.

Yet she has it all: morals, manners, and integrity.

A diamond. 💎

P.S. I still don’t know where she slept that night.

🎶 Accompanying song: one of my faves - O Re Piya - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan



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