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Three small changes to make to help you sleep better, even when you're on a time crunch

The three things I share in this article are ones I make sure are in place immediately if I know my duration of sleep is going to be compromised.

For mothers, nightshift workers, carers, nurses and hospital staff, some of our most critical duties and roles are carried out by people who have very little time to sleep.

If you're someone who falls into any of those categories, or if you're simply in the midst of fasting and disjointed sleep patterns like many people around the world this month, I hope you find some time to sleep well. It's the best gift you can give the world: a well-rested version of yourself.

So for everyone experiencing disjointed or short sleep patterns, how can we make these short sleep cycles better?

Here are some of my favourite ways to make shorter sleep times into higher quality ones:

1 - Temperature regulation is key: if you have cold extremities, wear a pair of soft, breathable socks.

It might sound odd, but there's also science behind this. Some people have colder extremities - cold hands, cold toes. Keeping them covered during the night can be very helpful to improving your sleep.

2 - Speaking of comfort... make your sleeping clothes your most comfortable clothes.

I'm forever on a quest for high quality soft cotton sleepwear. Breathable and not too tight is best. Did I mention comfort is key? I have a little philosophy that the clothes you sleep in should make you feel like you're sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Not really, of course. :) But they should be comfy cosy. A tiny tip linked to this is to not wear your sleepwear for anything other than sleeping. Some people stay all day in their sleepwear, but that weakens the association your body and mind connect to sleep itself once you put those clothes on. Keep your sleepwear specially for the purpose of sleep, and choose natural fibres that are breathable and soft.

3 - Back to the temperature: lower the room temperature a touch.

In Sweden, they have a tradition of letting babies have their naps tucked up in their prams outside in the minus temperatures! Surrounded by snow, no less. They are really onto something though: I always find if I can't sleep, lowering the temperature is a good first step to take. Similarly, if it gets too hot, I'll usually wake up at some point and my sleep will be disturbed.


With any cold extremities covered, comfortable sleepwear and a cool room to sleep in, these three steps alone may help improve the quality of even a short nap you can grab.

Enjoy your sleep :)


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