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Three things about Cambridge Online Maths

[#learning🤓] My colleagues David Hickinson and Mohamed Mahmoud Abdulazeem are two complete pros 😎😎 at using a nifty tool called Cambridge Online Maths. They both spent some time last term training us up here in #CambridgeMENA. 💪🏾🤓

From them, I learned more about the details of this platform and what a valuable tool it is for teaching Maths. Following on from that, I was able to train some teachers last week! #payingitforward #newskills

There’s really nothing like doing something yourself to get the hang of it.

That’s why "skill", to my mind, is not a noun but a verb, and it requires practice.

Over and over.

So if you’re hesitating about being able to teach a new subject or operate a new machine, whatever it is... gather your intel, and go for it!

Dive in and try.

Life is much more fun this way. 🤩

Back to #Maths: if you’re also a #math #teacher using Cambridge University Press Education Mathematics resources for Stage 7 and above, this next bit is for you...

Did you know about this nifty development in the new edition of your #books? Here are three things about Cambridge Online Maths you may not know:

✅1️⃣👍🏾 A pretty cool thing is that access to Cambridge Online Maths is embedded into the sleeve of all our books for Stage 7 upwards. Convenient! 😎

✅2️⃣👍🏾 It’s a great way to increase the number of ways you can do Assessment for Learning in a very organised and data-rich way. AfL is an underpinning part of teaching in general, and Cambridge Online Maths gives you pre-built tests, quizzes, practice opportunities, digitised workbook activities and more. 🤓

✅3️⃣👍🏾 Because my colleagues took the trouble to train me last term... I’m now able to train you! 🙋🏻‍♀️ So if you are a school using or considering using Cambridge Maths for Stage 7 upwards… let’s talk!

Thanks to Mr Praveen for his efforts to coordinate this and gathering the team together for this training - good luck with onboarding your team to the platform. Thanks to Marwa al Samsam for her continued support with Merryland International School - Abu Dhabi✨

P.S. The photo shares a snap of the training. A key highlight of any good #training / #facilitating for me is that we #laugh at least a little bit. So I snuck this slide in with a bit of a light-hearted question to help us do just that. Do you like this slide, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdulazeem? Help us with the answer! What IS a scorcher!? 🔥😄

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