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Three Travel Productivity Tips

[#travel + #productivity] I have been fortunate to travel to so many places this past couple of months. Yet despite travelling so much, I don’t find it particularly easy or fun.

My best friend will attest I’m the least minimalistic packer you’ve ever met.

(If I could take my entire house with me, including bed, mattress and all the mugs in the kitchen, I would absolutely do that).

But I also don’t like complaining about things, and I noticed I had started to complain about travelling. So I’m going to stop that, because I’m lucky to have this life.

I thought about what I find most difficult about travel.

For me, partly, it’s the packing and uprooting myself away from the things that keep me in good habits and routines.

My favourite mug, my favourite chair etc. All the comforts that make being productive easier.

I don’t like that when I travel those things become chaotic. I also don’t like that I can’t seem to sleep well when I travel. So my energy seems to run out more quickly.

After a bit of researching, I quickly found three things that have helped solve some of these ‘complaints’. I've tried these all twice now, so I can confirm they made things a lot easier and more efficient. Here they are:

1: A fold up toiletries bag. It expands and you can hang it.

I had an issue with too many bits and pieces for toiletries - this has solved it. I love this thing, and I’m thinking of getting a bigger one so I can put even more things in all in one space.

2: A neck wrap thingamajiggy

My Aunty Janet recommended this when we were in Canada (I saw her using one and having the best naps in the car, so I had to get in on it). The material wraps over your face so you get some privacy while you’re sleeping in a car or plane, but it's like a collar. It's firmer than most travel pillows, which has been very helpful and somehow more comfortable for me.

3: Squishy separators for clothes

These have really changed how quickly I can pack and how much more easy it is to unpack and stay organised at the non-home destination, where you’re never sure if you’ll have enough hangers etc.

I usually pack a few bits for workouts and other things, so keeping them organised in separate containers has been great:

There you have it. I bet most of you already knew about these three. Do you have any other travel productivity hacks? I wholeheartedly welcome them.

I’m going to continue to investigate better ways to travel until I’m a pro - I’m definitely not one right now.

Thank goodness we are hoomans who can choose what kind of person we want to be, who can learn, pivot and grow.

And now… off we go to Egypt. :)

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