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Time: the greatest sacrifice

Did you know in Chinese, and in English, both languages can talk about time by using the word ’spend’?

For example, in Chinese - the phrase can be 花时间 (huāshíjiān) - literally meaning 'to spend time'.

That's just like in English, when we say we spend time doing something’.

I believe one of the biggest sacrifices we can make is that of our time.

You are given it for free, and it’s up to you what you do with it.

Because you can’t take time back.

You can’t get a refund.

You can’t rewind.

And that’s why we have to be so careful with it.

When it comes to learning a language - or any skill - you need to sacrifice time. And effort. And energy.

However, when I look back on the time I've spent on learning new skills I don't regret any of it, even if it took years.

By spending my time on learning new skills, like learning to teach, and learning Chinese, it set my life path on an amazing adventure. These skills continue to open up unique opportunities, lifelong friendships and even financial gains.

Isn't it fascinating that in Chinese, the word 花(huā), which I mentioned is used to say 'spend' time or money, also carries the meaning of 'to bloom', and 'a flower'.

It's a nice way to think of sacrificing time and effort on learning new skills.

If you do, your skills will bloom. 🌷



  1. Caption in cartoon reads: 在花花时间呢 - I'm spending some time...

  2. The character 花 = to spend (money, time). Also: to blossom. Also: a flower.

  3. Fun fact: If you're able to type Chinese on your phone, enter the pinyin/character for hua and notice how the flower emojis (should!) come up. :)

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