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Tips about Dedicated Teacher Awards

[#DedicatedTeacherAwards #Tips] You may have heard me talk about the concept of “going the extra mile” recently. It’s one of my favourite quotes - the other half of it is: “it’s never crowded!”

You may also have heard me talk about the Cambridge University Press Education

 #DedicatedTeacherAwards And while there are so many reasons to nominate your favourite teacher, in this post I share some tips on how to help make your nomination stand out. 👀

These are some of the things I would do to #gotheextramile nudge nudge 😉:

1️⃣ #Variety

Tell the story of your favourite teacher using different formats. You can use video, audio or text & images to tell their story. Pick one or more and go for it!

2️⃣ #Voices

Have many voices share their impression of your favourite teacher. Past nominees have had a video featuring lots of different people in the school sharing their experience of the teacher. It was really impactful.

3️⃣ #Details

Make an effort with the details: make sure your nomination is the best it can be - if you used text, make sure it’s all clear, organised and well written. If it’s a video, make an effort with the details when editing it. Same goes for any other format you choose. The details matter!

Basically: go the extra mile! It really is never crowded. 🙌🏼


👍If you’re a teacher yourself, you can nominate a colleague.

👍If you’re a student, you can nominate a teacher.

👍If you’re a parent, you can nominate your child’s teacher!

As long as your dedicated teacher is currently teaching, all are welcome to be nominated. It’s a very inclusive awards, designed to honour and celebrate teaching and teachers. 🌱🙌


Good luck! Do you have any tips you might share? Have you ever won an award before, or had something you’ve submitted win recognition? What did you do to help it happen?

📸 With Annamma Lucy at her awards ceremony when she won the award in 2021! 🙌💃🏻

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