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To shuffle, or not to shuffle? That is the question.

[#facilitation🙋🏻‍♀️] Have you, too, ever been met with resistance when you try to change groups up when you’re #facilitating?

How do you know when to shuffle or not?!

My solution, I found, is to ask - and to read the energy and body language in the room, not just listen to the answers. Example: I almost saw an entire group on a table join forces and lock arms when I enthusiastically suggested a group shuffle one time. I retracted the idea and the energy relaxed again. 😬

With adult learners, (in fact… any learner) getting a consensus and buy in is one ticket to helping an #activelearning experience take place. The ease of getting “buy in” about group set up also shows me whether or not my idea or plan is being welcomed or not.

Plus.. adult learners will absolutely tell you if they’re happy to be moved or not. It’s quite hilarious how blunt we can be in training sessions and workshops. 🤣😮🫢

So unless the groups changing will affect the content/activity, I now go with what’s working and feels harmonious yet will still challenge my participants.

I’d rather work with what the group’s energy is saying it needs, than enforce a shuffle of groups because I wrote it in my plan.

I do think there is a time and place for shuffling groups up, though. It’s just I’m finding there’s a lot to be said for letting participants work with who they gel well with especially in a team PD session. For many, that protected PD time offers a special kind of bonding time.

So… #facilitators, #teachers, what do you think? To shuffle, or not to shuffle? That is the question.

P.S. Couldn’t help but share this hilarious video to go along with this train of thought. Thank you Tammy for the share. #humour for me is a part of my #wellbeing. What’s a day without a good chuckle? ☀️

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