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Visionary Leadership Conference at the GEMS Education Wellington & Qatar

[#leadership + #education] I always know I’ve learned something or it’s resonated if I am still thinking about it some time later.

Reflecting on this past weekend, that happened quite a lot for me at the GEMS Education Wellington & Qatar #VisionaryLeadershipConference, which I was invited to join as a guest.

Spending the day with lots of dedicated leaders of this cluster, I share here three things that I keep thinking about post-conference:

1️⃣ Being a leader can hurt

A powerful idea from one of the keynotes by Gill Kelly, where she shared a powerful quote to explain that the reason being a leader is so difficult:

It is because you are seen.

And when you are seen,

You can be touched.

And when you are touched,

You can be hurt.


The second photo contains the full quote for those curious. It was an excellent keynote - too many nuggets to put in a single post.

2️⃣ Is a parent a parent, customer, or both?

Attending this panel discussion really pushed me to form a strong opinion on this, especially listening to Victoria Lumby and her colleagues discuss it at length.

I even started a poll about it! You can join in here… (I haven’t shared my opinion... yet 😬):

3️⃣ Wellness as a non-negotiable

It was cool to learn how the GEMS Wellington cluster embeds wellbeing into a full, non-negotiable hour in their weekly schedule, where they have designed a whole curriculum on this. Further, joining Mahira Zakiuddin’s session on thinking through wellbeing from the perspective of teachers who #daretolead was also very thought provoking. 🙏🏼

Special thanks to the leadership team in this cluster, headed by Maryssa O'Connor FCCT, and to Zaineb Mahdi for the insight she shared on her panel discussion… if you’d like to listen in to this snippet from her session, it’s available here:


It would be remiss of me not to mention the stellar performances by current students, which punctuated the event beautifully. I so enjoyed! 🎶👏🏼

📸 I have very few photos from this event, but one I did snap was with CRUVANS DSILVA. It was such joy to meet new friends, but also serendipitously bump into him, one of my long-time friends back from my days working with the team at #GEMS. Hey Cruvans! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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