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Wellbeing and Perspective Shifts

[#wellbeing + #perspectiveshifts] At the start of this new workweek, I’m thinking about perspective shifts.

I think in facilitation and teaching, having a contrast between activities (loud / quiet, group / solo etc.), and changing perspective helps generate positive energy.

So I try to do this often, whether in a session, or in my life. Some practical ways I enjoy changing my own perspective:


Getting away from it all. Desert, mountain, forest, cliffs, nature. Also…


Inversions, handstands - flipping my view has a funny way of fixing things sometimes.


Spending time with someone from a totally different age group to mine. (I wrote about this last week: 🔗✍🏼 🙂)

I love the perspective shifts these all bring and try to weave them into the weeks and weekends, whether around work or in between.

So here’s to a week of creating contrast or perspective shifts, whether you are #teaching, #working or otherwise. Enjoy! ☀️✨

 💬#Overtoyou: How do you create shifts in perspective or contrast while you're #working, #teaching, and #learning?

📸 Photo of an environmental, physical and social perspective shift I had recently in San Francisco - all in one frame, hanging out with my best friend’s son. 🙃 

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