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“What you measure, you get."

[#quoteoftheday💬] “What you measure, you get." ✨ (So be careful what you measure!)

💭#thinkwithme: I’ve been thinking a lot about #dedication. About what it means. About the courage it takes to simply be dedicated.

When I think of this quote, in the context of education and workplaces, I wonder: what would happen if we measured the dedication of students or employees, rather than the A*s or the length of service?

Measuring dedication is rather nuanced - there’s something magical about it.

It’s a positive, warm feeling.

That’s much harder to put a systemised, consistent “A*" on.

The reason I think this quote is important, is because what we measure has a profound, sometimes counterintuitive effect on the actions that follow… For example:

👀 If we measure high grades… We may have a lot of students who pursue ‘A*s' - sometimes at great cost to their mental wellbeing.

👀 If we measure length of service in workplaces… We may have those who are ruthless about holding onto positions, at any cost, or who stay in role without developing themselves.

👀 If we set a lofty money goal for the year... We may spend time doing things centred around fulfilling that goal, at the risk of family time.

So by all means… I’m saying yes, let's celebrate length of duty, and A’s and A*s, and appreciate all of that.

But let’s be mindful in finding ways to measure and reward honesty, bravery, courage, ethics, and dedication too.

How do you do this in your classes or even schools? Here are some ways you can embed measuring dedication into your school:

💡Define clearly what the *actions* relating to dedication, honesty, truth, fairness, helpfulness mean. Really spell it out. (Steven Covey has some work around values - ’The Leader in Me’, which may be helpful for this.)

💡Discuss examples of these words in action with your students, in assemblies, through stories. Make them visible and a part of the school ethos.

💡Have a method where nominations for all this 'goodness' can be submitted.

💡Prepare nomination forms that require the person nominating to share examples of the good behaviour in action.

💡Talk about it, share it, have time scheduled for celebrating it!

If our attention is on finding ways to measure these qualities, it’s likely we’ll get more of them.

After all, 'where attention goes, energy flows'.

What do you say? Do you agree that we are what we measure? 🤓


P.S. It would be remiss of me to talk about dedication without mentioning the #DedicatedTeacherAwards - head on over here to nominate!

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