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"When one teaches, two learn."

Updated: May 3, 2023

[#quoteoftheday 💬] "When one teaches, two learn", by Robert A. Heintein. Anybody who has been around me for a little while will know this is one of my all time favourite quotes in the whole world. Here's why:

1️⃣ Teachers, like anyone in a position of authority, have a lot of power. You can squash someone down with that power (ever had a teacher or line manager like that?), or you can uplift them with it (remember a teacher you loved?). This quote keeps everything in check and reminds me to put my students and learners first. I learn more vital information about this changing world and even about myself from my students. Our students are often our best teachers.

2️⃣ Looking at this quote from another angle, I always find that when I've fully understood a new idea, skill, or something helpful and can pay it forward or share it with another person, it feels so empowering 🙌🏼. I really feel that's a good measure for how well I have learned something.

3️⃣ As a teacher, when I see someone I have taught using something I've helped them learn and passing it on to another person... it makes my heart fly 💛.

This is also a big part of effective #assessmentforlearning: #peerreview and #peerlearning, which I am looking forward to discussing more with #teachers this year, especially ones who use #cambridgeuniversitypress resources, and how we can maximise this in #classrooms around the #MENA region and beyond.

In sum, this quote is just a constant reminder to me that good teachers are learners, and it motivates me to see the lessons in everything around me. ☀️🌱✨

Does this quote mean anything to you? I'd love to know.

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