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"Without a moral compass, the human mind will justify anything.” - Mehrnaz Dessiri

[#quoteoftheday💬] "Without a moral compass, the human mind will justify anything.” - Mehrnaz Dessiri

💭#thinkwithme: Teachers face a lot of criticism. But in every profession you’ll have the good and the bad. I’ve heard people talk scathingly about teachers, while others talk highly of them. The complete spectrum.

Myself, I enjoy focusing on the greatest ones in any profession, and learning everything I can from them. At Cambridge University Press & Assessment, I am lucky enough to work with a vast community of excellent teachers. They are inspiring. They are hard working. And let’s not forget: they are the ones nurturing the experts-to-be for every other profession in our world.

So, here are some reasons why I just love working with teachers:

💛They don’t tend to place materialism or money above ethics

💛They won’t squash others down to get a bit of power or responsibility… they are all about the ‘rise by lifting others’ principle

💛They put family first and are always ready to help, honour & respect you in doing the same

💛They are typically very invested in relationships and community

💛They are usually kind, humble and won’t bite just to be in the limelight

💛They are forgiving, and know & when to say sorry

💛They are perceptive: they’ve really seen it all

💛They know how to acknowledge efforts and uplift others

💛They show love and appreciation for others readily - in lots of ways

💛They are down for the long haul learning game & open to learning and growing - personally & professionally

💛They are resourceful and know how to do a lot with what they have

💛Finally, if I tell them about something troubling me, they usually just ‘get’ it. I don’t have to point out what is wrong with a situation or spell it out for them. They don’t justify bad behaviour. They can see when a bully or unhealthy person is trying to do just that. They just know.

And the best thing? They often have solutions or are ready to jump in the trenches with me to find one if there’s a problem.

What a relief we have these people in our society.

To be the kind of people who offer all of the above and more…These are special ones with huge hearts and a strong moral compass to boot.

What’s not to love? What’s not to appreciate?

Writing all of this reminds me to remind you: there’s an initiative that is full of goodness - the Global Dedicated Teacher Awards 2023. Any teacher, from anywhere, teaching anything can be nominated.

Let’s show our appreciation this way.

Let's honour our teachers.

Let’s cheer them on.

🕊Here's where you can send your nominations:


Wishing you a great day, wherever you may be. ☀️

🎶🔗Soundtrack: Ms Margi's fave - Karl Jenkins with Catrin Finch on the electric harp, 'Palladio'.


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