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Workshop about Differentiation - Abu Dhabi

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

I have a soft spot for schools like Emirates Private School-Abu Dhabi - with a long history and teachers who laugh that they have been there so long they are "a part of the furniture, habibti!”.

Because they have dedicated their whole lives to something they care about.

It takes strength. 💪🏾💛

This week, at EPS Abu Dhabi, I delivered a workshop about differentiation.

During the training, though, I made a mistake. 🤦🏽‍♀️

…I handed out the wrong worksheets in the wrong order to the wrong groups…🤦🏻‍♀️ (I was *supposed* to be showcasing differentiation in action...!) 🙈.

In a bit of a worry, I took a gulp and shared that I had made this mistake with the group of teachers.

After a few moments, dalia Hemeida (who shall henceforth forever be known as Ms Darling to me ☺️), called me over, and said gently something along the lines of: 'how could you differentiate the worksheets without knowing us yet? We only just met! Don’t worry. You’re doing great.'

The rest of the session went without a hitch.

My two key learnings are this:

1️⃣💡 I was reminded gently of something simple I overlooked: differentiation can only really start once we get to *know* our learners. It’s why the start of the year feels so intense for many educators and why training and public speaking can be so hard for facilitators. We just don't know each other... yet. :)

2️⃣💡 Ms Dalia’s manner was gentle and her energy kind. She reminded me how it feels when you make a mistake but are treated with kindness rather than criticism for your actions. It uplifts everyone. It gave me space to do better. 🌿

So here’s a special thanks to the team at Emirates Private School-Abu Dhabi 🏫- for the warm hugs, the kindness, and all the care they took to feed & water me before and after the training too. ☕️ 🥐

Also... I may have walked out with a momento in the form of a visitors badge - oops! Looks like l shall just have to go back again to return it. :) 😁

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