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Workshop at Dorat Al Khaleej School, Oman

[#CambridgeMENA + thank you Oman] Hi folks! That’s a wrap for today’s workshops specially for teachers using Cambridge University Press & Assessment #resources at International Schools in Oman. Very grateful to #DoratAlKhaleej school, who hosted us in their beautiful new building. 🙏🏼

To Ms Taif + the DAK team, to my colleauge Moemen Eissa, and to every #teacher from schools all around Muscat (and beyond), like Shiyama, and Nadia who could be with us: a huge thank you for joining.

I usually share a learning or reflection on the facilitation process behind all this. But today, I just wanted to hop on and say thanks.

So many hugs, so much warmth.

Grateful. 🙏🏼

P.S. and as I write this, it has started to rain here in Oman. In the Gulf, rain is a lovely thing. It usually means cooler weather will be on the way. A good memory I have is leaving a school one time when it had burst into rain here in Oman, and all the children were dancing in it, delighted. :)

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