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Learning & Teaching:

After studying Mandarin for my BA Degree at SOAS, I began to develop resources to teach Ab Initio learners Mandarin. This page contains some of the things I've created in this effort, relevant for teachers and students.

(Ab initio is a fancy way of saying "'I'm completely new to this!', in Latin.)

1: PD Series - Teaching Mandarin Made Easy(er)

I've produced a detailed seven-step series for Mandarin Teachers on the very first things to teach newbies (including lesson outlines).


2: Teacher Training & Professional Development

Teacher Training for Mandarin Teachers

I provide teacher training for teachers of Mandarin. Popular topics in the past include:

Classroom Management | Classroom pacing | Inter-cultural Awareness | Lesson Planning | Training Learners on Learning to Learn Mandarin 

Feel free to reach out and learn more about this:

3: Private Classes & School Workshops


Private Classes

I take on a small number of private students. I teach Ab Initio or complete beginner level students - teens or adults. To find out about learning Mandarin with me, please reach out.


I provide workshops using Mandarin or teaching Mandarin for different audiences. These can be taster workshops for new learners in educational events, or one-off workshops designed to give participants a new learning experience.

4: The Book

Downloadable E-Book - Available on Amazon

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 17.44.37.png

Asma, 你怎么了?!

I wrote and designed this book using 30 very common, mostly HSK1 related Chinese characters, students and teachers alike can enjoy using this reader to help build confidence with reading Chinese. 

The language deliberately repeats and spotlights these key structures: 


- 怎么了 

- 太---了 

- 不太---  

Note that this reader doesn't contain any pinyin support - only characters. This is intentional, as it is mean to reinforce the reading of Chinese as naturally as possible. 

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