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Mic Mischief: Finding Humour in Facilitation

[#facilitation + #humour] At one of our Network & Learn events in #SaudiArabia last week, the ICT Manager was helping us set up the microphones and audio in the event hall. As we went through each possible microphone we could use, he said:

“You need to tip this mic upwards to make the sound work.”

I followed his instructions and couldn’t help but chuckle and say:

“You mean… hold it like Eminem does?” 😎👀

I proceeded to try and rap (badly) an Eminem track in my coolest expression…✊

It was a funny moment, made all the more funnier to me later when I was sent the meme in the photo - swipe for pic 2.

When #facilitating and #teaching, for me it can be the great unknown when it comes to equipment: I sometimes have no idea what kind of tools I’ll have to hand during a session.

And so I have to use whatever I’ve got around me… sometimes that means holding a mic like a rap artist does.

(I was never a cool kid, but in those moments I felt like one.) 😎

Sometimes all it takes is holding a microphone like a rap artist to boost your confidence before a session. Or sharing a chuckle before you begin a daunting task.

But always, no matter what, I think just getting up there and allowing yourself to be seen by your class or participants is really quite brave and cool, in and of itself.

#teachers + #facilitators = 😎✊

Thank you Mahmoud Magdey for sharing in my humour before these sessions and supporting with the tech, and to the team at #HallyInternationalSchoolKhobar for hosting me and my colleague Ahmed Shalabi Abdelghaffar so generously while providing us the space to be lively while we learned together. 🙏🏼😌

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