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The Citizens Foundation's Annual Dinner

[#wellbeing] Such joy to take some #extracurricular time out to join The Citizens Foundation annual dinner in #Dubai last night. Something that was shared really resonated with me: their newly refined values.

I think a lot about values - I call them core elements. For example, the same way the world is made up of fire, water, air and earth…. I think we also are made up of core elements. And I think we thrive when our elements are understood, honoured and given space in our lives through our actions, thoughts, words. And of course, in our work.

TCF’s values shone through in this event last night. Further showing me that knowing your values helps give you a glow. They shared all their meaningful work and #achievements, which were all infused with their core elements:




🌱Positive Conduct

I just love them. You can see the explanations in the photo. Each word was explained along with its meaning in Urdu, which was even more powerful.

I was left feeling: here is an organisation that is really aligned. Their actions and words were matching up. I could feel it in the room. When this happens, it brings such a deep sense of well-being.

💬Do you know your own values or core elements? If you had to pick four words that really put you in your element, what would they be?

P.S. For me - a couple of mine are almost the same as TCF’s. 🌱💛🙌

📸 photos from last night - sweet treats and another key to well-being: #friendship, in the form of one of the sweetest ladies I know Anam Tariq 💕

Final pic: a beautiful detail I love of the dress I wore from Nishat Linen, a firm favourite #Pakistani brand - sharing as some lovely #teachers today have asked me to start doing so 💛🌱

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